Courageous Conversations

October 3, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Living Water Spiritual Community

It seems our society is more polarized than ever. The recent political season witnessed inflamed rhetoric and widely divergent perspectives on what our society’s next steps should be to form a “more perfect union”. Relationships have been tested and opinions have been hardened. How do we heal this divide?

Courageous Conversations are intended to explore what it means to safely express and reconcile our feelings around important issues in a judgment-free space. In this powerful space of sacred listening, we explore our feelings and awareness around various hot button topics. We’ll look at: 1) what information our feelings are providing for us, 2) our barriers to expressing them, and 3) how we can use this information to help us achieve partnership and reconciliation with others.

Our intention is not to persuade the other to change his/her opinions but to understand how the other arrived at those opinions. It is through this understanding that we can release our need to vilify the other, to heal our “tested relationships” and soften our opinions. It is hoped our discussions will help each of us build the skills to bridge the chasms that separate us.

Bring a friend, especially one with differing perspectives.

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