Defying Gravity: Using Levity to Uplift Us

October 27, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Living Water Spiritual Community

“The world is in serious condition — and yet, there’s definitely something funny going on.”
— Swami Beyondananda

From the political to the personal, economic to ecologic, we seem to be a world immersed in crisis. And in times like these, it’s love and laughter that lifts our spirits. And when we add the power of humor to break us out of ordinary thinking, and spark creative solutions we recognize that humor, comedy and laughter are “resilience tools” that help us heal ourselves and bring light to others.

Using humor in challenging times is not a form of denial, but rather a kind of “radical acceptance” that brings light to darkness, and the lightness of levity to otherwise grave situations. Levity is the leavening of life … that gives us the power to uplift our own faces, and the spirits of those around us.

Join Steve Bhaerman, the man behind the legendary “cosmic comic” Swami Beyondananda, for an inspiring, encouraging — and laughter-filled — playshop on how we can use laughter to shine a light on the darkness, and light the path ahead of us.

$25 — scholarships are available