Giving Thanks Workshop w/ Rev Paula Langguth Ryan

February 24, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Living Water Spiritual Community

Why do I teach a “graduated” tithing course? The simple answer: Because tithing works, and too many people don’t fully understand HOW it TRULY works.
Tithing works because tithing aligns you with unconditional giving. The act of giving thanks aligns you with the positive universal energy that is within you. Tithing is about letting go of your attachments. It’s about releasing instead of grasping. Tithing, simply opens you up to receive and experience the All-ness, the Fullness of Life.
You see, giving and receiving aren’t opposite sides of the same coin or even different parts of a continuum or cycle. The truth is, giving and receiving are actually one and the same thing. Hence the well-worn phrase: As you give, so shall you receive.
Tithing gives you an opportunity to examine all the ways you give with attachment – so you can practice and work through and release those attachments. When you are no longer focused on getting – when you stop trying to “get” something you desire, when you finally surrender that illusion of control – you open up unexpected channels that allow that good to come to you.
You become part of a chain reaction of positive energy, simply by giving thanks.
As a result, you discover truly and deeply, that Divine Love IN you, AS you, IS you! And the Divine Love that you ARE, blesses and multiplies all that YOU ARE, all that YOU DO, all that YOU GIVE and all that YOU RECEIVE.
Whether you tithe with your money, time, words or thoughts, everyone you touch with that tithe is changed. They receive your tithe and find themselves inexplicably tithing themselves in ways that go way beyond giving financially.
You will discover that tithing includes so much more than just money. Take the time to smile at a harried mother at the mall, or help an older gentleman find something at the grocery store, or let someone into traffic, or leave an extra large tip for an exhausted but attentive waitress. All of these are ways of tithing.
Tithing is a universal law of motion.
Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, commonly called the Law of Inertia states: “An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an outside force.” This simple law is why tithing works in the context you’re about to learn about.
I invite you to come play with us, from March 2-May 11 as we explore the questions that come up. My intention is to help you raise your prosperity consciousness to a new level, so you can truly create the life you desire. I welcome your feedback and I love hearing how tithing changes YOUR life!
— Rev. Paula Langguth Ryan