The Art of Mindful Relaxation – Workshop

January 13, 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Unity of Boulder Church
2855 Folsom St, Boulder, CO 80304

There is a sanity and brilliance to mindfulness and meditation, from awakening inner strength, kindness and fearlessness to inviting radical change. When the water in a lake is disturbed then the mud rises and we are easily distracted by the turmoil, but when the water is calm then the depths can be seen below. Beneath our dramas and conflicts there is a quiet place; mindfulness invites us to abide in that stillness.

Discover how mindfulness and meditation can transform your life from the inside out. Entering into such a space with others can be profoundly transformative, as we explore together in a caring and supportive environment.

– Release unconscious stress and trauma through Yoga Nidra (Inner Conscious Relaxation)
– Calm the mind and awaken wisdom with Breath Awareness meditation.
– Open the compassionate heart with Loving Kindness and Forgiveness meditation.

As well, there’s no doubt, stress is one of the biggest issues we deal with in our day to day live. Even cavemen confronted the fight or flight reflex. When we mindfully relax as with Yoga Nidra Practice, we consciously go within to a deeper, more profound level. The long-lasting effect of Yoga Nidra is a relaxation that positively
influences our every thought, word and action. Come & Relax!

About Ed Shapiro:
Ed Shapiro is the author of The Art Of Mindful Relaxation, The Heart of Yoga Nidra. Ed Shapiro has been teaching mindful relaxation – Yoga Nidra – for many years, having trained in India as a swami. Learn more at:

Registration is $35
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