Our Gifts to You

The following documents contain helpful ideas or practices to help you improve your life right now! You may print them for your own use or share them with friends or family.     In joy.

Holiday Gratitude Journal (.pdf file for Thanksgiving to Christmas, 2018 set up for 5.5″x8.5″ booklet) — a few practices make an immediate difference in our life experience. Being thankful is one of them. Taking that a step further to remind ourselves of all the things for which we are thankful is a powerful way to plant that thankfulness thought deep in our consciousness. This one month journal spanning the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas is a great way to get into the practice of being thankful every day. Test it out! See what a difference this practice makes in your life! (print the four pages double sided, preferably with color printer on 80# text [thicker for booklet cover] for the first sheet, 24# text for the second sheet and staple the two sheets in middle and fold). Holiday Gratitude Journal 2018 

Annual Gratitude Journal — Loose Leaf (Excel Spreadsheet, date selected by user but set up for 2015) — for those that want to take control of their next year’s “happiness index”, this spreadsheet is set up to print on 55 8.5″x11″ loose leaf pages for binder insertion. The date can be specified in cell B2 (recommended to be on a day of week you wish at the top of each page of the journal). Annual Gratitude Journal Loose Leaf

Annual Gratitude Journal — Booklet (Excel Spreadsheet, date selected by user but set up for 2015) — the same as the above Loose Leaf Journal but structured to print double sided on 14 sheets of 11/17″ paper, center stapled and folded for an 8.5″x11″ booklet. Printing instructions are included at the top of the spreadsheet. Annual Gratitude Journal Booklet