Unity of Loveland

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cynthia ryk

Prior to my becoming the Spiritual Leader of Unity of Loveland, I was Anti-Religious, or more accurately, Anti-Dogma! And then I found the wonderful key to my own innate, inner wisdom through the teachings of Unity. We are an open, inclusive, vibrant, non-judgmental group and we invite you to explore your own Spiritual journey in community or solely with community support!


unity of loveland shoesTake Another Look!

Looks like a display of high fashion shoes and accessories? These are actually made of Chocolate! Appearances can be deceiving.

And Unity is not just another spiritual community! We are for the creative, out-of-the-box thinker who wants to dive deeper into their own innate wisdom and guidance, and have Universal Truth principles to consider and/or work with for greater understanding of God. If you are longing for more meaning, peace or love in your life, please join us and consider if our community is right for you!  PS We also serve chocolate to newcomers!