Living Water Spiritual Community

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Nestled in a neighborhood just north of Olde Town Arvada, Living Water Spiritual Community offers its participants a no-nonsense, practical approach to spiritual growth. As a self-described scriptural skeptic and “spiritual engineer”, Rev. David Ridge draws from what he and many scholars consider the authentic teachings of Jesus; the rich, metaphysical truths of many spiritual traditions — including Judaism; leading-edge scientific discoveries and experiential validation in his teaching. Grounded solidly in Unity metaphysics, he considers the value of his teaching to be determined by its impact on the student’s life today!

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We facilitate a stronger connection to God regardless of your spiritual background. Our spiritual work is to be aware of God Presence in every situation, in every relationship — and to take personal responsibility for that realization. As an inclusive and affirming community, we encourage personal initiative & growth and focus on positive spiritual teachings instead of the fear-based, judgmental, guilt-and-shame religion of yesteryear.

If you are ready for joy and fulfillment to be your normal experience in life, join us as we explore our relationship with the Divine and realize Its presence in our lives. Dress is, of course, casual.

LWSC bike raceOur children’s program focuses on drawing forth their inner wisdom, emphasizing that they are Children of the Divine, powerful beyond measure, able to accomplish their heart’s desires and responsible to others and to themselves for their thoughts and actions.

Our labyrinth, a classic, 11 channel, Chartres Cathedral design, is open to the public and available 24 hours a day (with ample ambient lighting for a nighttime walk). With its entrance aligned with the Great Circle between Arvada, CO and Chartres, FR — as an homage to the original, its 55′ diameter inscribes a 1,240′

Labyrinths are made for all ages

walk to the center, an eleven to twelve minute contemplative journey. Chairs are available to place in the center for your meditative time there. More information can be found at