Unity Spiritual Center Denver

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unity-spiritual-center-denver-logoA growing community of spiritually vibrant individuals!

  • Where God is within usDavids photo
  • Where Jesus is followed rather than worshiped
  • Where spirituality is more meaningful than religion and is measured by personal growth and a higher capacity to love
  • Where an inclusive group of open-minded people welcomes anyone seeking growth and truth.
  • Where your religious background doesn’t matter
  • Where following your heart is more important than following creeds

USCDexteriorSince 1944, Unity Spiritual Center Denver has been supporting the spiritual growth and personal lives of individuals by teaching and practicing an approach to Christianity that is positive, practical mystical and powerful. We know there is One God and many
unity-spiritual-center-denver-interior-shotauthentic spiritual paths. We invite you to visit our website, www.unitydenver.org to see if Our People, Our Programs, and Our Principles fit with your path. Wherever you go from here, know that we honor your inner wisdom and we bless you as you take your next step on your spiritual journey.