Unity on the Avenue Spiritual Center

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Embracing Diversity & Inclusion Inspiring Spiritual Transformation

Unity on the Avenue Spiritual Center is a vibrant and diverse community that supports each person on their individual path.  We welcome each person where they are on that path and inspire inner personal transformation to live a life of greatness and joy.

What makes us special at Unity on the Avenue?  The people who come.  The people who share.  The people who serve.  We are a community committed to sacred service both within our community and outside of our community.

Join us and become your personal and spiritual best.  Our mission is in:

Creating a spiritual community which
supports and nurtures each
individual in their daily living and
inspires all to live from a consciousness of compassion!

I invite you to visit our website for updated classes and events and join us for our Sunday Celebration at 10:00 AM.     

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